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Debating workshop – script to download

Carsten Kiess has run a highly successful debating workshop on various occasions during the past 6 months, e.g. at the Division Contest in Bonn and the District Conference Fall 2012 in Basel, ranging from 45 minutes to more than 3 hours.

Especially the workshop in Basel on the 27th November 2011 was an amazing event. It started on time on the last slot of the conference. With 7 people. Over the next 20 minutes more and more people came in, taking the 60 seats, standing, sitting on the floor.

And filling the room with an incredible amount of energy! As it had to end on time (which it did) it was not really focused on arguments but instead on the process and the basic structure. This was an exceptional example how well debating is received by the members!

You can find the script as pdf  here at the bottom of the page to download.

Try it out in your clubs, have a go at it and let us know how it went! To get you in the mood here is a video from the UK „State Opening of Parliament“ – thats the idea! And remember to go to the bar afterwards to chill out together. Be tough on the topic and soft on the people!

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