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District 59 Conference Fall 2012 Bonn

Morag Mathieson,
Lt. Governor District 59

Bonn was more than the “Gateway to the romantic Rhine”. For three days, from 16th till 18th November, it was the “Gateway to the Speaking Spectacle”, District 59’s Fall Conference.

This showcase of educational sessions, contests, cultural and social events was prepared by a great conference team to give us all the opportunity to network, listen, learn and grow.

Step through the gateway to another great District 59 Conference!

Let’s meet in Bonn.

Morag Mathieson
District 59 Governor


Square of the Nations

Square of the Nations


Here you’ll hear lots of great speeches. Here you’ll learn life lessons from lots of valuable workshops. Here you will get to know a lot of nice people, make friendships for the rest of your life, and create networks that will facilitate you in your business career.

In addition, an exciting entertainment program will be offered.

And the wonderful Gala Dinner will make this Fall Conference 2012 perfect. 

There is no reason to stay home! Come and join us and let us enjoy a wonderful experience:

The Speaking Spectacle!

See you in Bonn!

Klaus Roth
Conference Chairman

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