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DC12 Making Of

How it all began:  Barbara Hoerger, Anna Witkowska (Speaking Elefants / Warsaw) and I were sitting in a Japanese restaurant in Warsaw. Asked about my future plans in Toastmasters, my response was: „District 59 Conference in Bonn!“ Barbara: „Uups!“ A small pause. „Why not?!“

Team September 2011

Team September 2011

So a vague idea began to take shape.  When I asked people to help me, the general response was: “District Conference? Fine. But it is a lot of work, isn´t it?“ Well, I am persistant. Well, I managed to find a core team by convincing them that it is worth the effort. Here we are:

At the DECM in September 2011 our Conference Bid has been accepted. At the Division Fall Contest 2011 Morag announced the good news: „You are the one!“ Turning back was no longer an option! Heike Kunzelmann – then Division Govenor – gave me a huge bottle of wine.
For encouragement, for sedation?

Team May 2012

So we started. Finding supporters, a venue, a logo,  a claim, Setting up the budget, the agenda, the website, newsgroups, etc

I am lucky to have experienced how supportive the Toastmasters community is.  At the Spring Conference in Poznan I could present a team.
Voilà: Here we are. During the closing ceremony conference chairperson Monika Kasprzyk handed a gavel over to me. It symbolizes for us the trust of over 4.000 Toastmasters of District 59 that we will organize a great event.

The team members are in a permanent learning process. Sharing our experience with others is the key for the team’s success.

End of August 2012 we fixed the on the final details of the agenda and on the workshops.

In September suddenly we had to face an unexpected „problem“. The conference was sold out. No one could expect that when we started in 2011. The District Board expected a growth of 20%. Very optimistic then. But D59 exceeded it by far. So we have to walk on the edge. As much participants as possible.  But not too much. The conference has to handled in the existing venue. But there is still a chance. A couple of places are reserved for contestants. If they are qualified at the division contest and they have already registered, -> vacant seats. Sign in at the waiting list.

While organizing the Fall Conference, we are having a good time! It is important to have fun. Problems arise, problems will be solved. We keep up our good team spirit! We are having great discussions about taking the right decisions. You may experience the result of our discussions in November!

We will make it

talking with his hands

talking with hands

being persuasive

at the Bristol