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Es gibt keinen Club in Ihrer Nähe? Einen neuen, eigenen Club gründen ist einfach mit Toastmasters! Der Prozess ist hervorragend eingespielt und Sie erhalten eine enorme Menge an Unterstützung.

Alles Wissenswerte dazu findest Du unter:


Alles Wissenswerte von A wie Anfangen bis zu Z wie Zertifikat findet Ihr übersichtlich und in Deutsch erläutert.

Mit Demo-Meetings von erfahrenen Toastmasters, mit Anleitungen und Vorlagen, mit Rat und Tat.

Aktuell gibt es konkrete Pläne für folgende Städte:

Machen Sie mit von Anfang an!

Information finden Sie hier. Sie können uns hier erreichen.

Kurz zusammengefasst sieht der Prozess so aus (in english):

In a nutshell: How to build, charter and maintain a Toastmasters club

  • Find a group of likeminded people to build a club – you are the core team.
  • Get in touch with Toastmasters International. You will get effective local support.
  • Set up and run a demo meeting
    • About 2 months notifiation
    • Invite experienced Toastmasters
    • Gather a group as huge as possible
    • Hand out specific information during this meeting
    • Collect contact data
  • During or after this meeting make a go or no-go decision
    • Decide on type of club, language, name, core team
  • Set up and run the next 4 to 8 meetingsFind a location.
    • Set up the meeting management software Easyspeak
    • Set up a website
    • Make your club known: business circles, communities, friends …
    • In parallel prepare the „Application to organize“
      • Send to TMI
        • Name etc of responsible person
        • City, type of club (community / corporate)
        • 125 USD via Credit Card
      • Receive
        • Approval to use all TMI material
        • Material for club
        • 20 member kits (not paid yet, 20 USD each)
  • Run high quality meetings
    • Use Easyspeak to manage the Agenda
    • Start and end on time!
    • Clubs must meet at least monthly while weekly meetings are recommended
  • Build a membership base
  • You need 20 members to charter and run the club
    • 3 out of these 20 can be dual members
    • Get the signature and comittment of your guests to make them members
    • New members will have to pay a membership fee
  • Build a leadership team
    • You will need at least 3 different persons filling the the following roles:
      • President
      • 1 vice president (either education, membership or PR)
      • a secretary or secretary / treasurer
  • Charter the club when you have 20 members and a leadership team
    • This will take 2 to 6 months
    • When you are chartered you have successfully set up a Toastmasters club
    • You can now participate in the speech contests
  • Maintain the the club to be sustainable
    • The current President will automatically become the Immidient Past President
    • Look for new officers early
    • Have every member work along the Communication AND Leadership track
    • Engage in you local and international community of fellow Toastmasters
    • Keep up the stream of guests and new members – you will always loose some