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Toastmasters Leadership Institute – TLI 2012

A 2-day international conference on public speaking, communication and leadership in Bonn

Dear fellow Toastmasters and most welcome guests,

The TLI 2012 in Bonn took place during the last weekend in February. More than 60 participants saw 13 workshops, extended their networks, found new friends.

Thanks to all presenters, participants and supporters! It was an amazing display of what we can pull of ourselves, without the weatherman telling us where the wind blows.

Here you find the agenda, the list of presenters and the list of workshops.

And on Saturday evening we saw … Bluemchenknicker. Who really rocked the lounge!

Here you find the agenda for the club officer training on the Saturday afternoon Leadership track.

If you want to send feedback email to

The tagline of the conference was “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows”. It is a quote from Bob Dylan and I have chosen it to remind us all to trust ourselves.

Looking forward to meet you at the TLI 2013!


   Carsten Kiess, Area Governor K4 of District 59