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TLI 2012 Presenter

Saturday, 25.02.2012


Thomas Rose with “On the Shoulder of Giants




Jerzy Zientkowski with “The Onstage Surgeon




Andrea Sauerzweig with “The great experience of building a new club

  (The workshops below run in parallel to the Club Officer Training)


Kristof Lindner with „Three easy things to get rid of a bad habit and exchange it with a good one




Tamara Joyette with „Developing our Leaders for Tomorrow“




Carsten Kiess with “The Startrek communication model



Morag Mathieson with „Tell me a story before we get down to business”




Ursula Eichelberger with „The inner team“



(The workshops above run in parallel to the Club Officer Training)

Sunday, 26.02.2012



Raphi Otten with “Conditioning yourself for constant, positive change




Jens Oberender with “Elevator Pitch




Christian Bahß with “Better and quicker results through facilitation





Sebastian Rüger with  “How improvisation interacts with public speaking




Alpekin Koc with “Do you know really know why you are here?