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Workshop “Better and quicker results through facilitation” by Christian Bahß (Sunday)

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We work in teams hoping to achieve more in a group. To reap the benefit of teamwork it is essential to listen effectively to what others have to say, to evaluate what has been contributed in a constructive manner and to deliver our share in an understandable, convincing way.

The Toastmasters guides „Effective Evaluation“, „Evaluate to Motivate”, and „Facilitating Discussions“ help us understand and practice necessary skills.

In this workshop we will develop a better understanding of the process of teamwork and learn about facilitation techniques to achieve better and quicker results.

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Presenter information

Christian Bahß is a member of Toastmasters International since 2008. He was President 2009-2010 of the Rheinredner Club. In April 2011 he founded the Toastmasters Club Kölner Sprechbar and is its current President. Christian won the international contest for German evaluation speeches in 2011.

Being a Psychologist and having worked more than 10 years as Project Manager for a large German Bank he has the theoretical knowledge as well as hundreds of hours of experience in teamwork. He believes that to tap the potential of teamwork every expert team member needs to be actively and quickly involved in solving the assigned task.