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Workshop „Developing our Leaders for Tomorrow“ by Tamara Joyette (Saturday)

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The motto of Toastmasters International motto goes “Toastmasters, where leaders are made.”

The magic of being a part of the toastmaster network is that we support each other in our personal development. Most new members join the toastmaster organization in order to improve their communication skills. Although good communication contributes to building good relationships, communication alone does not automatically lead to success. Good communication in combination with a variety of leadership competencies is the basis for successfully achieving our goals and, in doing so, becoming a role model to others. But, how well do we really promote leadership in our clubs?

Our Toastmaster organization offers a comprehensive communication and leadership program which includes development opportunities in competencies such as time management, organizational skills and mentoring, to name a few. In this workshop, our goal is to discuss the topic of leadership and to present in work groups the current tools available for the promotion of the Leadership Track in our clubs.

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Presenter information

Tamara Joyette works as Team coordinator in an international organization coordinating internal and external communication, helping empower others as well as fulfilling organisational tasks.

An avid traveler with a keen interest in languages, she waged a move from her native Canada to Germany in 2004. The last eight years living and working in the heart of Europe have proven to be a journey of reflection and personal growth. She is fluent in English, French and German. Her biggest take-away so far was that life is all about people and, inevitably, the quality of our lives is defined by how well we interact with the people in it.

In 2008, she has attained a Master in International Business from the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität in Nuremberg. Not long after, she moved to Cologne, where she discovered the Cologne Toastmasters. She currently serves her club as Vice President Education. Among her most memorable achievements was being awarded first place in English Table Topics at the Toastmasters District Contest in Basel in November 2011. Since joining the Toastmasters organization, she has recognized the value that it and its’ members have brought to her life and her personal development.