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Workshop “Do you know really know why you are here?” by Alpekin Koc (Sunday)

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This workshop is all about exploring the Question Life purpose, Passion and natural creativity and of what’s actually unlocking our joy of and in Life.

After exploring different approaches to this Question we’ll right away dive deep into exercises leading to an insight into our very personal life’s purpose.

All participants who attend this workshop will:

  • Learn how to identify their hearts wishes
  • Learn how they can find out what their Life purpose is and
  • Actually walk out with a written statement of their very own Life purpose!
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Presenter information

Alptekin Koc is someone who loves to explore, study and share everything that’s connected with Spirituality, Human Growth and Life Mastery in all it’s aspects and forms.

He is a third degree Black Belt in Chinese Martial Arts, studied Sports-Scientist, has spent more than 7 Years in a Buddhist Retreat-Center (about nearly 5 ½ Years of it in closed Retreat) for the purpose of In-depth exploration of Human Mind and Psyche according to Buddhist tradition, a certified Coach and one of the first and few European Students and Trainers of Jack Canfield (one of the USA’s foremost Success-Coaches).

Besides simply enjoying Life, he sees his Lifes purpose in using his Insights to inspire and awaken others to live theirs lives “fully and filled with a sense of underlying safety and joy – no matter what!”

Alptekin is a Member of the Rheinredner Köln since 2 years and recently also the Kölner Sprechbar and enjoys Toastmasters for its tradition of joyful learning.