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Workshop “Elevator Pitch” by Jens Oberender (Sunday)

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Workshop “Elevator Pitch” by Jens Oberender

You and your client happen to pause in an elevator. Thirty seconds to speak and to impress. Are you ready to take your chance if Bill Gates listens to your idea? Do you convert into success?

This workshop tells you how to prepare your elevator pitch, a 30-second talk that gets your point across quickly. It is currently hyped for business acquisition, but the principles covered in this workshop will also help to get a new job, impress your boss and attracting your significant other.

  1. Identify your strengths – This is the most underestimated thing. Understand what you can do better than your competitors are the key element for your pitch.
    Bring a list of your core assets along as you will need it in step 2.
  2. Understand your target – What does your target actually demand for? Personal preferences and economic objectives drive decisions. Success strongly relies on the fulfillment of the customer’s need.
  3. Get to the point – In this step you adjust your message. You will briefly show how you can satisfy demands using your strengths. Cut down until your hit your time goal.

Your benefits: review techniques for pitching, refine and retarget your arguments, and practice performing.

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Presenter information

Jens Oberender presented his PhD thesis in 2009. There he condensed 3+ years of experience in a 45 minute presentation facing the exam committee. As research associate, Jens condensed technical concepts into funding proposals. Jens served as club president for TM Redefluss Bonn in 2010/2011 and currently acts as immediate past president.

Jens promotes interdisciplinary problem solving. His major focus is sustainability in social communities and technical systems. In 2012 he will establish the brand “Konzeptbotschafter” (concept ambassador), working on perception of complex matters such as human ethics and life essence.

Jens is an IT-security consultant with SRC security research & consulting, Bonn. He delivers assurance in IT security projects. Lately, he has presented at the 12th International Common Criteria Conference in Malaysia.