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Workshop “How theatre interacts with public speaking” by Sebastian Rüger (Sunday)

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In this workshop Sebastian Rüger shares his experiences as a professional Actor specialized in Improvisation.

Being open to where this may lead to based on the interaction with the audience this workshop will give you an opportunity to explore how the inherent, individual skills of the stage acting, role playing performer – yes, that’s you! – can interact with public speakers.

The exploration will include but is not limited to:

  • Role playing: how attitude and inner focus can shift, alter and strengthen your performance
  • Humor: what is it? How to create it and use it
  • Speaking without words: getting rid of the dispensable, improvising

Come in and find out about your alter ego!

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Presenter information

Sebastian Rüger studied acting at the Folkwang Hochschule der Künste (University of Arts) in Essen. After his diploma in Acting he worked in different theatres throughout Germany, playing all kinds of roles from classic drama to modern plays, musicals and shows.

After almost ten years of being directed by others, speaking words that others invented in plays others have put on the plan the room for self-expression finally got to narrow for the actor, musician, and illustrator, so he teamed up with long-term friend and colleague Frank Smilgies to form „Ulan & Bator“, a Duo that combines theatre, comedy, music, pantomime, parody, nonsense, satire and dance into a very unique kind of absurd yet funny theatre between Improved and Rehearsed.

They received several awards, e.g. the Deutsche Kleinkunstpreis and the Sonderpreis of Deutscher Kabarettpreis 2011.