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Workshop “On the shoulder of giants” by Thomas Rose (Saturday)

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In this presentation Thomas will share some ideas that he has collected since the day when he first heard the term “personal development”. Everything that we utilise these days was once a mere idea. Be it a glass that we use for drinking, a microphone that we use for speaking or a concept for starting a business – everything that is man-­‐made started in somebody’s head.

Imagine the number of heads that this planet has seen and the number of ideas that these heads carried around and you’ll get a hunch of the inconceivable amount of ideas that each of us is surrounded by. So, even if you are not good in creating ideas by yourself, there are gazillions of ideas that you can easily tap in.

The only thing you’ve got to do during this presentation is to sit back and relax. Let’s dive into the vast arsenal of good ideas of great thinkers and see what works for us. Let’s take a couple of these great thinkers and make them our teachers and mentors. The good thing is, that you don’t have to meet these people in order to tap into their ideas, because many of them have left a legacy of what they thought and are willing to share it with us.

Let’s stand on the shoulders of giants. Let’s tap into great ideas.

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Presenter information

Dr. Thomas Rose is a member of TMI since 2008. He has won the international contest for German prepared speeches in 2010 on the district level and landed 3rd place in 2011. He works as a business consultant and coach and has recently launched www.tolle-­‐ -­‐ a service for micro-­‐motivation that spreads good news for great people.

He is a certified Reiss-­‐Profile-­‐Master and head of the „Institut für Motivationsanalysen“. He cooperates with VitalSmarts, a company that has developed a seminar called „Crucial Conversations -­‐ Tools for talking when stakes are high“.

He had appearances at numerous conferences, mainly in the area of information technology, presenting his ideas on effective communication, criticism and feedback in workshops and keynotes. He was recently invited by the Professional Speakers Association of South Africa to give a speech during their annual conference, taking place April 2012 in Durban (SA).