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Workshop “The great experience of building a new club” by Andrea Sauerzweig (Saturday)

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You would like to join a Toastmasters Club, but there doesn’t exist one in your city? You’d like to build a new club because your current club bursts at the seams? You’d like to form an advanced club or a corporate club? You just earned the Advanced Leader Bronze award and are on the way to the Advanced Leader Silver award? You are club officer and wish to earn a ribbon as sponsor club for your club banner? You want to practice and improve incredibly your public speaking skill by giving more speeches, as you ever would do in any other kind of club? Expand amazingly your leadership skills by taking more than one meeting role at each club meeting? You’d like to fulfill more than one club officer task at a time? And most important: you want to have fun with creative interesting people?

To be a club builder or to support new clubs as a club sponsor, club mentor or sponsor club can be a great experience.

In a 45-minute-presentation you will get information about:

  • the club building process
  • the different types of Toastmasters clubs
  • the role as club builder, club sponsor, club mentor or sponsor club
  • the support provided by the New Club Team
  • the current club building initiatives of Division K

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Presenter information

Dr. med. Andrea Sauerzweig is medical practitioner, specialized as psychotherapist since 2000. She was a precursor for the ambulant hospice movement in Leverkusen and helps especially patients with cancer and other life-threatening diseases and their relatives to overcome these challenges. She coaches people in all aspects of personal live. Her passion is it to convey medical information to non-experts in an entertaining way.

Andrea is an enthusiastic Toastmaster since 2009, member of several clubs, a former club officer of Cologne Toastmasters and attendant of the International Convention of Toastmasters in Las Vegas 2011. As official club building coordinator she supports the club building initiatives in Division K, together with a special New Club Team of experts in different aspects of club building.