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Workshop “The Onstage Surgeon” by Jerzy Zientkowski (Saturday)

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Stage is but a tool. Used properly, it can improve clarity, uniqueness and connection of your speech.

The stage is there to use it as a part of your speech. It should not get in the way of telling your stories – it’s there to help you evoke emotions, build VAKS scenes and even save some time!

During the workshop you’ll learn

•         How to build holograms, place them and get back to them in your stories

•         How to build a timeline on stage

•         What is stage scaling, how to prepare the same speech for small and huge audiences

•         How to highlight important places for clarity

•         How to work the distance for connection

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Presenter information

Programmer, IT consultant and manager for 15 years with heaps of experience on both sides of the sales front. Responsible for 20+ IT departments in 8000 people 11-country company, spent last 5 dealing with all sorts of incidents, problems and changes in computers, customers and in-between them. Since 2008 and the discovery that he can’t really deliver an effective business presentation he seeks means to improve as a public, professional speaker.

In 2010 Jerzy joined Toastmasters International and never looked back. In 2010 Jerzy spoke in 9 clubs, 2 contests (finishing at the Division level), delivered 20 speeches including Competent Communicator in 138 days. Member of 4 clubs, club mentor, sponsor and founder (Verbal Victory), served as President, Secretary and Treasurer. Not at the same time, of course.

Owned and founder of Speakerslair, he loves to share his public speaking knowledge and test it during workshops, conferences and toastmasters meetings. This led to his membership in SPM (Professional Speakers Association in Poland), where he currently serves as Vice-President.