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Workshop “The Startrek communication model” by Carsten Kiess (Sunday)

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Without any doubt the crew of the starship Enterprise is one of the finest crews ever. Captain Kirk, Mister Spock, Doctor McCoy are icons of leadership and decision-making.

What can we learn from them? Which place would you take on the bridge of the Enterprise?

Apply the “Startrek communication model” to your real life situations! See how each communication type interacts with the others and use this as a tool to understand everyday situations.

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Presenter information

Carsten Kiess is a coach and consultant for entrepreneurs. With his company Amberwiz he works with German and international clients, providing services like business models, innovation strategies, product development, speech coaching and formal coaching / mentoring.

Throughout his career Carsten gave speeches and workshops, most recent included effective feedback, debating und parliamentary procedures.

Since 3 years he is active with Toastmasters International where he served as a president 2010/2011 for the Rheinredner club in Cologne. Currently Carsten serves as the area governor for the Rhein-Ruhr-Area with 7 existing clubs und several more to come.

Carsten holds an MBA from the Open University (UK). He has more than 15 years consulting experience in the IT, financial services and telecommunication industry. He is a coach member of the International Coaching Federation ICF, certified SCRUM and Reiss Profile Master and certified project manager.