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Workshop „Three easy things to get rid of a bad habit and exchange it with a good one“ by Kristof Lindner (Saturday)

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We all have habits we do every day, like singing beneath the shower or making our bed. Having breakfast or having dinner every day is in some way a habit, too.

And how many of us know at least 1 bad habit we‘d like to get rid of, like „smoking“ or getting emotional in a verbal conflict with our partner? Don’t we sometimes wish we could eliminate those habits or – even better – replace them with good ones?

It this presentation, Kristof will teach you what he has learned about how to change a bad habit into a good one. The same techniques can also be used to make a good habit stronger. And it‘s nothing that he invented by himself – it‘s something that he has learned from great thinkers like Eben Pagan, Napoleon Hill and others.

Applying these techniques (next to others) Kristof was able to create tremendous success in his private and business life. A life that before only existed in his wildest dreams.

Kristof will also talk a little about what he applied to come out of a downpoint of his life, which was not too long ago, to become an entrepreneur and being his own boss. He now works as an online marketer and is living a lifestyle where he has no alarm clock waking him up in the morning. A lifestyle where he works from home, has passive income streams that earn him money through his company, even when he‘s not working himself.

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Presenter information

Kristof Lindner is founder of the LPE Media GmbH, selling self-development products in the form of ebooks, audios and online videos. His seven-figure online success started in the simplest possible way.

He read a book.

Kristof Lindner worked as an engineer at a plant manufacturing company in Germany. In 2006 Lindner was inspired by an ebook published by Eben Pagan, a self-help guru from the US.

This ebook brought him into the online marketing business world. He found the marketing fascinating and he found the content fascinating.

With no prior online marketing experience, Lindner flew to the US and met Eben Pagan. They figured out a licensing deal and he created the German version of the ebook.

Two and a half years later, Lindner, age 34, has five employees, eleven active sites that sell a whole variety of products and ebooks – and has just recently founded his second company, aiming for even more success in 2012.