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Workshop „Parliamentary Procedures / Roberts Rules“ Tuesday 8. November 2011, Cologne

When: Tuesday, 8th November 2011, 19:15. (ends around 21:30)

Where: CRUX-Café in der CRUX-Kirche St. Johann Baptist, Cologne

This workshop teaches basic parliamentary procedures based on “Roberts Rules” in 5 sessions, each with an introduction and then a practical exercise. Debating based on proper parliamentary procedures accounts for about half of the time. We will go through all the steps that normally occur during a decision making process (e.g. putting an issue on the agenda, propose a decision, debate it, modify it, vote on it).

Beyond the specific rules the very basics of democratic decision making are taught, e.g. “The majority has the right to decide and minority has the right to be protected and to speak on the issue”.

The language will be english. If you can attend an english club meeting you can attend this workshop. There are only a few special terms to learn. Handouts and translations are provided. There is no sophisticated language and detail can be explained in german.

Have you ever wondered when during a Toastmasters meeting somebody said “I make the motion to …” and somebody else shouted “I second!”? Are you fed up with ever-changing agendas in business meetings? Do you want to break the rules to make things happen? Do you want to make yourself heard in your community, even if somebody thinks the problem is not that important?

Then you should attend this workshop! Understand what is a “motion” and a “second” is. Learn how to insist on the agenda. Know the rules to break them effectively. Put your topic on the agenda against resistance.

Intended Audience: All persons involved or interested in structured decision making.

  • Current or future district officers (area and division governors and beyond). You will use these procedures definitely as they are used during the District Executive Meetings. Get the confidence to participate in the debate by knowing the rules!
  • Current or future club officers. The election of a new officer team or important club decisions (like changing the bylaws for a dues increase) should be based on these procedures. Learn how do it properly!
  • All persons involved in decision making. As a team member or manager at work, as a club member, as an individual in your community – you are often involved in controversial debating and need to come to a decision. Learn how to use the basic principles of democratic decision making to your advantage!

The workshop will be presented by Carsten Kiess, Area Governor D59 K4.

Cost is 5 Euro per person. Refreshments are available at your own cost.

The workshop takes place on Tuesday, 8th November 2011, 19:15. (ends around 21:30)

Location is CRUX-Café in der CRUX-Kirche St. Johann Baptist

An Zint Jan 1, 50678 Köln,

KVB-Haltestelle Severinstraße (Linien 3, 4, 132, 133)

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